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Geoff Nicholson is a Director of CAN Do Business Solutions Ltd, the founder of The Bio-Catalyst™ “Talking People – Learning from Leaders” series of videocasts, and the visionary behind the creation of the VTC Culture Quotient™.  

An accredited Facilitator for the Everything DiSC™ collection of tools, which can help transform how people and teams interact with each other, Geoff leads on corporate culture transformation, communications, behaviour, and trust activities within CAN Do Business Ltd, as well as delivering individual and team communication and leadership training and mentoring through his own business, The Bio-Catalyst™️.

Geoff brings a unique set of skills to CAN Do Business Solutions Ltd’s portfolio, with a career that includes corporate R&D, academia, and secondary education – as well as coaching and mentoring in sports, music, and teacher training.  His career distance from the traditional corporate world gives his clients a fresh perspective on their businesses, and his scientific background means he has both an objective approach to problem solving, and an almost forensic ability to identify and analyse core issues.

Having worked in some extremely toxic organisations, Geoff has seen first-hand the negative impact on employee morale (and on relationships with external stakeholders and customers) that is created by ineffective or misleading communications, leadership teams who do not model the behaviour they expect of others, and unclear or even unstated company values and ethos.

His “Talking People” series of interviews, with the leaders of organisations voted as being the best places to work in the North East of England, led Geoff to realise that, whilst many of the leaders talked about having a great business culture, none of them could define what this meant – let alone measure it.  This realisation – coupled with his scientific approach to challenges – was the inspiration for the creation of the VTC Culture Quotient™ programme in 2019. 

Subsequent discussions with business owners and leaders have underlined the importance of trust to both decisions and interactions – whether made by an individual, a team, an organisation or even a government – and this importance has been thrown into sharp relief by the widely varying global responses to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.  For this reason, trust now forms a core element of the programme.

The VTC Culture Quotient™️ Programme

The best-in-class programme to both identify the nature of your company culture, as well as quantifying the extent to which it is embedded in the organisation.

Our unique “Coca-Cola” diagnosis and equation also creates a foundation benchmark against which you can measure the impact of any activities you undertake to enhance or improve your corporate culture.

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