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Discover leadership without tears…

Leadership frustration with business strategy

We know that creating, growing and leading a business is hugely rewarding. But it can also feel the loneliest place on earth, with levels of stress and frustration that take their toll on our physical and mental resilience. Not to mention the angst of ensuring your business strategy continues to keep pace with an ever and fast-changing world.

Nothing prepared you for how much time it takes time to learn the skills required to manage people, processes, finance and a lot more besides.

Nobody realised how long it would be that COVID-19 cast its shadow over businesses and the economy.

Nothing prepared us for the insanity and aftermath of Brexit – let alone the increasingly unhinged decisions of the “orange former guy” and his authoritarian counterparts across the globe…

If you didn’t write a business strategy that even had a smidgen of these challenges in it, you are not alone.

Change your strategy – and the world?

To cap it all, as business owners and leaders, we’re now having to face up to some big questions about what the world of work could and should look like. Because we have a once in a generation – perhaps even lifetime – opportunity to change the world.

It doesn’t have to go back to the same-old, same-old that it was before COVID.

We can realign our business strategy so that we aim for the things we most want to be known and remembered for – not just the financials but the vision and values we want to create. The impact we want to have. The outcomes as much as the outputs.

We can’t leave it to politicians to do this. It’s up to us, as leaders, to model the behaviour we want to see. To aim to leave the world a better place than it was when we entered it.

To create mission-driven businesses that generate wealth and give back to the environment, society and our communities.

But we can’t do this alone…

“There’s a powerful transformative effect when you surround yourself with like-minded people. Peer pressure is a great thing when it helps you accomplish your goals instead of distracting you from them”

Po Bronson

Find your Peers, and harness their power…

Become part of a elite and exclusive Virtual Circle of business founders and leaders

  • Move your business into the growth fast lane
  • Take time out every month to work on not in your business
  • Get solutions to your biggest problems – from people who walk in your shoes and will always have your back
  • Smash through the roadblocks that are holding you back
  • Create a business strategy that will help you change the world, one step at a time
  • Learn new leadership and business skills and share best practice
  • Discover and become master of your niche
  • Create engaged employees and delighted customers
  • Enhance your business and personal resilience
  • Achieve a work-life blend that works for you and your family
  • And double or even treble your turnover – as well as increasing your bottom line

And if this weren’t enough, we are the only leadership development programme in the world that delivers all this virtually, confidentially, and on an international playing field.

If this sounds good to you, we need to talk…

Growth Circles® – created with the 21st Century business leader in mind

Not sure about Growth Circles?

If working with a group of people is not your thing – and we know it absolutely isn’t for everybody – then there are other options that will deliver the same impact for your business:

  • If you want to work within a structured 1-2-1 mentoring programme that will give you access to the secret sauce elements that other successful business founders and leaders have used to short-cut the growth curve, and start their journey from the kitchen table to the Board Room, then head over to Founder2CEO™
  • Alternatively, check out our InfiniteHorizon™ mentoring package, which will transform your leadership skills and take your business to new levels of innovation and growth

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