Recession Resilient or Recession Proof?

Are we in a recession?

In the UK, all the economic indicators are that the country is now officially in a recession.

In the US, the economy is still growing and the labor market is strong, which (technically) means that the country is not in a recession. However, it is clear that a lot of US-based CEOs and Founders don’t FEEL that secure about the short to medium-term future

Key Global Challenges

❌There are more jobs around than there are people to fill them

❌It’s been 4 decades since inflation was as high

❌Interest rates are rising

❌There is a global energy crisis, pushing prices up for everything

❌We still haven’t escaped the supply chain issues that started 2.5 years ago

❌The impact of the on-going war in Ukraine is being felt across the globe

What does this mean for me and my business?

  • Fewer applicants than jobs means you’re having to fight to fill vacancies. The old-school recruiting techniques aren’t working, because it’s a seller’s market. And unfilled vacancies – not just in YOUR business, but in your supply chain – is restricting your business growth potential
  • Most CEOs have been in post for less than 10 years, so it’s unlikely that you were leading a business the last time that inflation was this high. It’s a whole different ball game now.
  • Until the Central Banks manage to bring down inflation to a manageable figure (3-4%), you can expect interest rates to either stay as they are or go even higher. That means a double-whammy for you at the moment: money is harder to come by, and servicing debt is much more expensive. And that’s not just for you. That’s for your clients and their clients – all the way to the end consumer.
  • There is literally no sector immune to the impact of rising energy and fuel costs. How you deal with it is something that require careful consideration
  • Your supply chain will be as constrained as you by staff shortages, increased inflation and interest rates, and ever-rising fuel costs. And you’ve managed to live with that so far. But how much do you know about the pressures on your suppliers’ supply chain?

What can I do now to make sure we come through this?

Register for one of our three exclusive and confidential 2-hour round table events, where we’ll walk through the 50 key questions that will help you understand your personal and business resilience to economic shocks and downturns. This will be followed by a discussion session with your peers, allowing you to explore and understand how different organizations and industries are navigating the current economic and other challenges.

By the end of the event you will have:

  • A better understanding of the work you need to do to make your business recession-resilient
  • Insight into how to make your leadership skills recession-proof
  • A detailed workbook that you can walk through with your leadership team
  • Recommended reading that is tailored to you and will help embed the insights you have gained

The round table discussions will be facilitated by our own Carri Nicholson, The Leader Whisperer®, who has 3 decades of extensive experience in helping businesses, business support agencies, and regional/national governments manage the impacts of major recessions.

This event is only open to CEOs, business owners or founders, or C-Suite decision makers and budget holders.

Your required investment to gain access to 32 years (and 4 recessions’ worth) of experience and insights is $1,000.

There will only be 10 seats at each of the discussions.

If you wish to be considered for one of the 30 places available, please complete this form

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