The Ultimate Business Book Club™

Grow your leadership skills

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The Ultimate Business Book Club™ was created as a learning resource for members of the 360 Growth Circle business mastermind groups.

Revised and revisited every year, the list contains the 36 books that we have found help new and aspiring business founders and solopreneurs really get this thing called leadership – as well as some of the “secret sauce” things that will help them grow their businesses

The intention is that you read a new book from the list each month and, by reading each book in the order that it has been placed on the list, you will follow a learning route-map that will help you enhance your skills as a leader, as well as giving you greater understanding of various key aspects that all business owners need to master to grow their businesses.

Every book on the list is available as an Audible audio book – and most are also available as Kindle or other e-books as well.

Members of the Book Club – and of the 360 Growth Circles® – have access to additional resources to help them understand, capture and implement the key learning points. Members of the 360 Growth Circles® also participate in peer-based group discussion sessions where they can focus on:

  • What they have learned most about that topic
  • What are the “golden nuggets” and key takeaways that they can apply to their business
  • How they are going to apply this learning

They also have to report back to the Circle on the outcome of the actions that they agreed to take: giving real accountability to people they know and trust – leaders like them – to ensure that their growth momentum is sustained.

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